Person-Centered Care
Begins with a Strong Employee Team

Transform Your Aging Services Organization

improve your organization's health

Become the Aging Services Organization Employees, Residents, and Families Rave About.

Decrease staff turnover

Develop managers you can rely on

Nurture budding leaders

Resolve conflicts before they escalate

Create a Supportive Environment for Employees, Residents, and Clients to Thrive

Every day we speak with executives like you who are passionate about making your organization a place where employees, residents, and clients thrive. You understand that cultural transformation begins with your staff, and you know you need to make changes, but you are already overwhelmed by your residents/clients, their families, the medical staff, and your board – not to mention the never-ending regulations.

You, your employees, and the people you serve deserve to be part of a healthy organization. With the right tools and systems in place, your organization can be a place of joy and inspiration. When employees feel valued, care and quality of life improve. You’ll be able to devote the time and money you used to spend on replacing staff to creating an enriching environment for everyone you serve.

for organizations in the field of aging


Organizational Assessments

Understand how your colleagues feel about the organization and access tools to improve communication, morale, and productivity.

Leadership Development

Provide your managers with the resources they need to build trust, resolve conflicts, and empower staff to make good decisions.

Employee Coaching

Develop positive communication skills, increase emotional intelligence, & nurture budding & seasoned leaders to decrease staff turnover.

Connect, Plan, Transform

Invest in Your Staff to Transform Your Organization

While each of our clients’ needs is unique, all of our relationships begin with these three steps.


Complete our online contact form to get started. We’ll reach out to schedule a Zoom video conference so you can tell us about your organization, the challenges you face, and the issues you are looking to resolve.


We’ll draft a proposal that outlines our approach to creating the person-centered organization your staff and clients deserve. Our proposal will include cost and time considerations. Together, we’ll refine the plan to meet your organization’s unique needs.



We’ll guide you every step of the way to inspire positive change within your organization’s culture. Your staff will appreciate the investment you are making in their growth, your clients will receive the care they deserve, and your job will feel less overwhelming and more fulfilling.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own!

Partner with experienced professionals in the field of aging to create the high-functioning, motivated team you and the people you serve deserve.

Inspire your team

Webinars, Workshops & Training

Elevate your team with in-person and online training sessions and interactive webinars about maintaining professional boundaries, adult bullying, meaningful engagement, effective communication, and a range of other topics. Engage Walter and David as speakers for your next event.

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Your training and development has been one of the best things our organization has ever done. We appreciate your authenticity, precision and eye for detail. You were able to zero in on our specific issues and helped us to develop and implement a plan to address the issues. This has left each and every one of us empowered to do our best work, individually and as a team!
Communications Manager for Senior Housing Group