Education is at the core of everything we do. Eden Alternative SPAIN offers training/education/certifications, consulting services, and outreach to help organizations transform their culture of care. Support and guidance is vital to ensure long-term sustainability.

Recognizing that different people learn in different ways, we offer a variety of educational experiences designed to help individuals revolutionize the culture of care in their organizations.

The Eden Alternative, although based on a simple philosophy, is a comprehensive approach that has to be applied and lived by all parties involved to ensure that the quality of life of residents and employees is improved.
For this reason, we suggest that employees on all levels, as well as families, must be informed, educated, and encouraged to actively engage in their role in this culture change process.

Successful implementation of the Eden Alternative requires a commitment from owners, boards, managers, and all staff to support those within their organization who are genuinely able to effect change when providing care services to elders or residents, including relatives and the wider community. Commitment requires deep understanding and insight.

We provide education by speaking at conferences and presenting workshops including interactive webinars. Also, we facilitate face to face group education/training experiences.

Let Us Come to You

Delivering your chosen course or workshop at your site offers substantial savings, convenience, and flexibility as well as providing opportunities for team building.

  • Smaller groups of attendees offer opportunities for better quality interactions.
  • There is more time for questions and discussions of unique challenges within your specific organization.
  • Plans and strategies can be developed specifically for your organization.
  • Save on the cost of employee transportation and accommodations.

We recommend between 15 – 25 attendees.

Our Most Popular Topics

  • An overview of Culture Change and the Eden Alternative approach
  • An overview of the Eden 10 Principles
  • The Domains of Wellbeing
  • Person-Centered Leadership
  • Creating Home in your residential setting
  • Transforming the Culture of your organization
  • Beyond Empathy: MAS QUE EMPATIA.  Designed to guide and facilitate a journey towards the transformation of culture in care, to emphasize humanism, and evidence-based care with a holistic and a comprehensive people-centered alternative.  We consider three areas for this fundamental transformation: The personal, the operational/structural, and the environmental. To do this, we incorporate the Eden philosophy, beginning with a self-assessment (Eden Indicators) analyzing where you are and where you want to go.  Then we facilitate customized experiential training using TrajeMAX (a modular aging and empathy simulation suit), individualized consultation via coaching, and more depending on the customized plan for your organization.  Contact us to learn more.