What is the Eden Alternative Spain Registry?

The Eden Alternative SPAIN Registry is an official listing of organizations choosing to commit to the Principles and Practices of the Eden Alternative and to work toward the integration of those Principles and Practices within their organization. These organizations have completed the qualifications via The Path to Mastery. 

The Registry is made up of homes that have made a public commitment to strive for the principles and practices of the Eden Alternative. It is not part of the regulatory system or any other quality mark.

Residents and their families seeking accommodation must still make every effort to ensure that their needs can be met by the organization and work hard to build a relationship with the staff of the residence.

Please understand that the Eden Alternative has no operational control over any organization. Our role is primarily to provide education and support, not monitoring.

We feel it is important, however, to honor those who make a commitment to strive for a community that supports the growth of all who live and work there. Registration is for a two year period, after which the registration process, including a visit to the home, is repeated.

Adopting and fully embedding the Eden philosophy as the foundation for care and the basis on which to build other good practices is proving to be successful in gaining high ratings.

Why Do We Need the Eden Alternative Registry?

As a way of recognizing those who undertake the hard work of transforming their institutions into warm and loving places to live and work. We want others to know about these homes that are creating a place where quality of life is valued and where people want to work.

Similarly, organizations and homes that have made the investment and commitment to the Eden Alternative want to be able to tell the world and differentiate themselves from others who have not made a similar commitment to changing the culture in their homes.

What is the Value of the Eden Alternative Registry?

First and foremost, belonging to the Registry allows a home to use the Eden Alternative SPAIN name and logo in their promotional material. Eden Alternative is becoming a highly recognizable care philosophy. Google the term Eden Alternative and you will get millions of hits. It also receives thousands of references in the media each year. Worldwide, the Eden Alternative is established in most States of the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, South Africa, and now SPAIN.

NOTE: The Eden Alternative logo, name, and the Ten Principles cannot be used in your written/published promotional materials and website. This privilege is reserved for Eden SPAIN Registry Members only.