Speaking, Presentations and Workshops

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Investing in Employee Training Improves Quality of Life for Your Employees, Your Residents and Their Families!

Recent Keynotes, Workshops, & Seminars

  • Investing in Individuals: Developing & Retaining your Staff
  • Using a Coaching Mindset to Implement Your Vision
  • Person-Centered Care: Solutions to Transforming Your Organization
  • Non-Medical Approaches to Improving Quality of Care
  • Vision Without Action is Only a Dream
  • Person-Centered Dementia Care
  • Living Fully with Dementia: Changing the Conversation
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills & Strategies
  • Implementing Culture Change to Transform your Organization
  • Understanding & Implementing Person-Centered Care & Services
  • Coaching for Supervisors in Aging Services

Examples of Customized Leadership Development programs for individuals, teams and organizations

  • Establishing Workforce Resiliency
  • Mastering Conflict & Dispute Resolution
  • Time Management
  • Understanding Your Temperament
  • Coordinating various projects for organizations regarding change
  • Breaking down organizational hierarchy/empowering staff
  • Cross-Cultural Professional Development
  • Board Development & Planning

Recent Webinar Topics

  • Individuals Living with Dementia: What You Need to Know
  • Developing & Using Coaching Skills in Daily Interactions
  • Difficult Conversations: Be Prepared to Succeed
  • Everyday Techniques for Addressing Interpersonal Challenges
  • Transforming and Changing the Culture of Your Organization through Person-Centered Practices
  • Meeting the Diverse Needs of a Diverse Population in Aging Services
  • Meaningful Engagement with Your Residents: Why is this critical?
  • Wellbeing in Senior Housing: The Resident – Staff Partnership
  • How to Recognize and Address Adult Bullying in Affordable Housing
  • Engagement is Key to Residents’ Quality of Life
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries: What ALL Staff Need to Know
  • Mental Health Crisis Planning Is Critical in Affordable Housing
  • You As A Leader: It ALL Goes Back to Relationships
  • Resident Wellbeing & Quality of Life: The Responsibility of All Staff

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We will determine with you if what we do/our expertise is a match for your challenge.

We develop a unique plan for each client that may include interviews with appropriate stakeholders to get to know them and more deeply understand the current environment.

Then we meet with senior management (and others as appropriate) to review results, make suggestions regarding how to best address/improve the situation, then develop a customized plan using proven tools/resources to make prioritized changes.