WD International is passionate about supporting and facilitating the growth and development of individuals and organizations. We understand individuals participate in professional development experiences and often lack the support needed to plan, practice, and implement what they learn.

WD International provides support through coaching, mentoring, and educating individuals, teams, and organizations in order to create the results they want and need to be successful. We have spent our careers working in organizations and with people (staff and boards) who want to focus on excellence, however, have not been intentional in making the changes needed to achieve positive results.

With over fourteen years’ experience in developing and facilitating a leadership academy as well as certifying almost 900 new Eden Alternative Associates, we are aware of the gaps in individual development and implementation of new practices. This is especially true when tied to an organization’s ability to embrace person-centered, innovative programs and practices.

Building on our knowledge and experiences gained through various senior management positions, we utilize a variety of tools, materials, and resources to support individuals and organizations in addressing staff development and retention. WD International develops a customized plan for each client.

Founding/Managing Partners – Walter Coffey and David Sprowl

WD International Consulting David Sprowl and Walter Coffey

WD in Africa: Eldercare Cameroon

Eldercare Cameroon is our ongoing collaborative project.  We serve as volunteer liaisons between individuals and organizations wanting to support the work of CDVTA – connecting them to the project that best meets their interest.

Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (www.CDVTA.org) is Cameroon’s leading organization serving Elders, women, and families in the North West English-speaking part of the country. It has a proven record of excellence for more than 20 years of elder-driven work. CDVTA has been intentional in supporting Elder rights and providing assistance in improving livelihoods through community-based initiatives.

Elder clubs were developed for older people to come together to socialize and combat loneliness.  Livelihood projects include organic gardening and farming, goat rearing, beekeeping, etc.  Field staff work with volunteers and Elder clubs to monitor health and activities as well as teach younger people how to care for their Elders. This is truly an example of person-centered, community-based services.

A village may have several Elder (Old People) Clubs.  An average club consists of 50 members or more and 2 volunteers. Before the clubs were developed, Elders were isolated and lonely.  Now they come together to support each other, sing and dance, participate in the various projects and oversee activities via their clubs.   

We invite you to adopt a village or become a village “partner”.  You may support individual projects such as bringing potable water and/or electricity to a village, build latrines to promote good hygiene and safety,  provide funds for farm and garden tools, lanterns, blankets, medical supplies, and more.  

Contact us to find out more about specific projects.